Join the U Pick Em fun!

U Pick EM'

Date: Every Wednesday through Saturday
Time: 6:15pm-10:15pm

Starting the first Wednesday of the month and ending the last Saturday you could join the U Pick Em fun! Wednesday through Saturday hot seats will be called four times an hour from 2pm to midnight. Winners receive $5 in free play and entry into the lottery drawings! Lottery drawings will be once an hour from 6:15pm to 10:15pm. Match your numbers to win $100 cash! If no one wins the $100 will roll over to the next drawing. Barrel drawings will only take place on the last Saturday of the month starting at 7:15pm going till 10:15pm once an hour. All hot seat winners are entered into the drawings to win remaining lottery money! Payouts are:

  • 10% of the lottery +$125
  • 20% of the lottery +$125
  • 30% of the lottery +$125
  • 40% of the Lottery +$125