Gordon 'Bud' Thompson HIT THE JACKPOT with a ONE MILLION dollar win!

Gordon 'Bud' Thompson

Thursday, February 14th, 2013, began as a normal Valentine's Day for Gordon “Bud” Thompson of Alliance, Nebraska. Normal, that is, until he won over ONE MILLION dollars.

While he was waiting for his wife who was also playing at Prairie Wind Casino, Bud decided to play a few spins on a nearby machine, and he was soon Feeling The Win! A BIG win! A $1,037,375.93 win! 

At first, he didn't even know he had won. “I didn't even realize what had happened right away!” said an ecstatic Mr. Thompson. But Bud soon realized that something big was happening.

When asked what he would do with his winnings, he replied that,  “A family meeting will decide  the outcome of the funds”. Bud's family, including his wife of 60 years, Donna, his three sons, Mike, Chris, and Gerald, his 12 grand children, and 17 great-grandchildren are all extremely excited and amazed by his over a million dollar win.

Mr. Thompson is not only a big winner on his most recent visit, but a loyal customer to Prairie Wind Casino, "I've  been coming to Prairie Wind Casino for the past 18 years, and always recommend it to my friends.  The staff here is always very friendly and professional.”

Bud was playing on Freedom Rings, a three-reel stepper machine from the Gold Series line from Rocket Gaming Systems®. According to a Rocket Gaming Systems press release, the Gold Series continues to grow in popularity and has become the most frequently hit wide-area progressive in Class II gaming.