Who will have the scariest cake?

Bingo Scary Cake Contest!

When: October 27 

Any customer that brings in a scary cake will get a Free 9on. Throughout the night, anyone who wins on a special will get the prize and get to choose one ofthe cakes that was brought in by another customer.  Any customer who buys in to play bingo gets one voting ticket. Any extra 6on’s the customer buys will earn them an extra voting ticket. Customers will get to vote who has the scariest cake.


Saturday October 27, 2018. Winners will be announced after Game 10.



1st Place: $150

2nd Place: Free 9on for the month of November

3rd Place: Free Dauber bag filled with daubers.

Doors Open at 5:00

Warm Ups at 6:30

Earlybird at 7:00