Join us for our variety of Bingo games every week!


We offer a variety of Bingo games Thursday through Saturdays. 

Doors Open: 5:30pm
Warm Up: 6:30pm
Early Bird Games: 7pm

Special promotions include:

Every Thursday is Seniors Night!  All Seniors get a free Level 1.  

Men/ladies night, which alternates every Friday.  All men/women get a free Level 1, depending whether its mens or ladies night.  

King & Queen night is Saturday.  The first male and female who win in warmups determine the king and queen, who are eligible for promotions throughout the night.

The levels are as follows:


Level I: $10.00

Extra 6 on $6.00

Payout $125.00

Level II: $15.00

Extra 6 on: $8.00

Payout: $175.00

Level III: $20.00

Extra 6 on $10.00

Payout $225.00